Here is all that you need to know about the Irritable Male Syndrome

Are you fatigued most of the times? The first thing in the morning, in between the day and at sunset, do you feel overpoweringly fatigued? Do you feel like you have no stamina to even go back home and lay someone? Do you make excuses for staying back late at work because you do not want to have sex that evening? Have you ever felt too distracted while foreplay and then sudden disinterest in going ahead?If you think any one of this is your story, you must consider rechecking your sexual health.

Testosterone or the male hormone responsible for the sexual drive in the males is by far the most important hormone in the men’s body. It is one of the biggest reasons that men get turned on when they see the object of their desire. Of course, testosterone is not the only determinant of the sex drive of the male but it plays a very big role. In the lady, sex hormones do not play such a vital role as much as her emotional interactions with her partner and the behavioral cues that she gets from her prospective partner.

Have you ever heard about the Irritable Male Syndrome? This ailment is a new addition to the already long list of sexual dysfunctions that can affect a male. It is called IMS for short. The syndrome is itself a result of low testosterone in the man’s body.

What are the symptomatic indications of IMS? When the testosterone levels in the body of the male goes down to critical levels, the syndrome gets kicked in and expresses itself out in near irritable reaction of the man.

  • Lower libido and consequently low or nearly nil sexual drive;
  • Emotional withdrawal which means and includes that the person shows disinterest in meeting his partners and stays away from any such sexual activities for a very long time;
  • No motivation: the person will lose all the enthusiasm to perform in bed and even his routine chores. There is a general disinterest in even working and laying people.
  • Aggression: sometimes, the syndrome can express itself in the form of acute aggression and can even lead to bout of temporary maniacism where he is prone to breaking things that come in his way without thinking about the consequences.
  • Anxiety: the person with such syndrome will present extreme anxiety and is most of the times worrying too much or is nervous all the time.
  • Change in the personality: there could be major changes in the personality of the person.
  • The problem is common

    Even though the problem sounds scary, the consolation is that this is a common problem and therefore research in this underway that will probably yield results soon. Statistics are alarmingly high where it says roughly 14 million men are afflicted with this syndrome and they are in the significantly sexually active age group of 25 and 40 years.

  • Further complications due to the ailment:

    Low amount of testosterone does not only do that much harm. It is slated for even bigger damage.

    • A person with low levels of testosterone in his body can contract cardiovascular diseases faster than others at his age;
    • He is also at a great risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in his early 30s;
    • There are chances that he is also prone to high chances of fracturing his bones.
    • And finally, the scariest bit is that such men whose testosterone is critically low can die much quicker than other normal ones.

How will you know that you suffer from IMS?

Here are some pointers for you to know if you suffer from IMS:

  • If you are putting on unexplained weight;
  • If you feel fatigued even the first thing in the morning;
  • You are losing muscles;
  • You are beginning to lose hair to male pattern balding; and
  • You notice that your sexual drive is suddenly going down.

What must you do?

Of course, there is no sure way to say that you have contracted the syndrome unless you go to a professional who does the routine test-check to tell you for sure that your testosterone levels are indeed critically low. We suggest strongly that you do not take your sexual health lightly and any concerns however small must be referred to your health professional and the problem be nipped at the bud stage itself. Remember the English proverb, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

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